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My name is Roeselien Raimond, and I work as a photographer, editor, and author on my own. fox photography specialist with a passion for (nearly) everything that moves.
While working as a graphic and web designer may sound creative and entertaining, I really spent my days inside creating dull graphics for mortgage companies and refrigerator makers. After a few years, I had had enough of this creative poverty and was compelled to go outdoors in order to assess what was truly essential in life. I came to the realization that I needed some space, some air, and the ability to play once more.

I was an amateur photographer at the time, and my images were performing well, so I pondered whether this might be my new path in life.

But everyone assured me that making money from photography was simply impossible. I made the decision to disregard the well-intentioned advise and just go with my gut. Best decision ever, and it’s still working!

View some of my photos and discover more about my creative process by scrolling down! For More,,,

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