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A devastating attack is still being launched against Ukraine, a democracy with 44 million citizens. People and nations are banding together in a way they have never done before, sending support and denouncing this unjustified war as the world uncomfortably observes the 188 day of the Russian invasion.

Ukraine, which is located in the center of Europe, honoured her 30 years of independence last year. Despite appearing to be a young state, it has a long history. It has grown into a strong and tough country during this time. There, people grew to love and be dedicated to their country’s culture, traditions, architecture, and other aspects of life.

Today, valiant defenders are putting their lives on the line to protect this nation, and we want to highlight all of Ukraine’s distinctive beauty. 
Because of this, Bored Panda searched the internet for the most beautiful and breathtaking images to capture what a remarkable place it truly is. Continue scrolling, give the ones you liked best an upvote, and comment with your thoughts!

The Love Tunnel, Ukraine

Kyiv, Ukraine

House of Scientists, Ukraine

Church of St.Nicholas on water

Freedom is our religion, kyiv Ukraine

A metro station in kyiv

Vozdvizhenka kyiv

Stanislav Grand canyon in Kherson Mountains, Ukraine

Christmas Tree@Sofiyivska square, Ukraine

Old wooden house in a forest, ukraine

Church in Voevodyno, ukraine

Kyiv, Vozdvizhenka district September 2020

Pillow sculptures in Kyiv

Spring in Kyiv, Ukraine

Staryi Solotvyn, Zhytomyr Religion

Independence Square in Kyiv

Keep in Touch Popasna, Donbass ukraine

Motherland Monument in kyiv

Kyiv, Ukraine St. Nicholas Cathedral

Beautiful Building in Kyiv

Golden Gate

Peaceful Kyiv

House with Chimaeras in Kyiv

Holodomor Victims memorial, Ukraine

Revival Mural in Kyiv

People’s friendship Arch in Kyiv

Sudak Crimea ukraine.

Lviv theatre Opera

Beauty of Ukraine

Source: beauty of planet

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