27 Unbelievable Sand Sculptures By This Artist That Will Blow Your Mind Off.


Many of us have loved playing with sand ever since we were kids. However, for some people, it serves as both a means of artistic expression and a source of entertainment. That is the case with Spanish artist Andoni Bastarrika, who has advanced the art of sand sculpting. He creates enormous sand structures that undoubtedly draw attention. Sand is a seemingly simple material, but Andoni’s sculptures, which range from adorable dogs to frightful alligators, are a testament to its beauty and adaptability.
The artist has previously disclosed that 2010 was the start of his artistic journey. His first piece of art, a sculpture of a young mermaid, helped him to recognize his artistic talent. His hands appeared to have a mind of their own, according to Andoni, while working on sculptures .

Source: https://www.boredpanda.com/

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