In a variety of amazing ways, the arts interact with us. Art is anything that goes beyond what our eyes can see. It inspires us while simultaneously putting our preconceptions and values to the test. Many impossible things have been made possible by art.

Art is composed of creative ideas expressed via a range of outlets. The best is sculpture, undoubtedly. As a result, we have decided to focus on a particular collection of sculptures that contradict conventional wisdom about gravity. These would undoubtedly cause you to pause and consider the reasoning behind them.

Check out the gallery of sculptures that defy gravity by scrolling down. You wouldn’t scroll down without pausing to look at each sculpture in more detail ways,  I bet you wouldn’t.

#1 Daniel Firman Wusa

#2 Bruno Catalano’s Les Voyageurs

#3 Leandro Erlich’s Window with ladder

#4 Jerzy Kedziora’s Balancing Sculptures.

#5  Jerzy Kedziora’s Michael Jones Sculpture

#6  Elisabet Stienstra’s the Virgins of Apeldoorn

#7  Lorenzo Quinn’s the force of nature

#8 Robin Wight’s Wire fairies

#9  Smaban Abbas’s Floating stone

#10 Jerzy Kedziora’s Gymnast with ball

#11 Alex Chinneck’s Take my lightning But don’t steal my thunder

#12 Leandro Erlich’s Monte- Meubles L’ultime

#13 Anna Borgman’s and Candy Lenk’s Wurf VI

#14 Tom Eckert’s Hyper-realistic Illusions carved out of wood

#15 Gerry Judah’s Car Sculptures

#16 Emil Alzamora’s Albedo

#17 Menashe Kadishman’s Suspended

#18 Johnson Tsang’s Coffee Kiss Johnson

#19 Alicia Martin’s Book Sculptures

Source: earth-scope.

By Marvellos Yunusa

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