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Our imaginations are very wonderful as humans. We use it every day to either solve problems or further our individual goals. But what happens if you use it for longer-term issues instead than just treating immediate issues? This 17 photos relates to certain inventive actions that people may have taken without even recognizing how clever they were.


#2 This bar substitutes pasta for plastic straws.

#3 UNO Belt Made by Mother. Regarding The UNO Championship

#3 Hey Mum look, there are some men on the fence lol

#4 These are folks who are concerned about their neighborhood.

#5 This is a true gateway, fake James bond

#6 When you took your hunger for sweet into next level

#7 Seriously this is weird

#8 Making my divorce public dude

#9 This toilet must be owned by a sport person

#10 Taking my laziness to next level Champ

#11 This steps in a clinic will help the patient to watch their weight lol

#12 Oh yes, this will feel good. A cap with extra hair.

#13 this is clever

#14 oh yea, he/she must be a rock and roll lover

#15 Look closer dude

#16 Pretty Guaranteed Way Of Making People See Their Advertising


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