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31 years old Iranian artist by the name  Fatemeh Hammami Nasrabadi, has shown that nothing in this world can prevent her from pursuing her dreams, not even a physical disability.
Fatemeh Hammami Nasrabadi is an excellent role model for the idea that persons with disabilities shouldn’t be identified by them despite the fact that one billion of people live with them. Despite the fact that 85 percent of her is paralyzed, Fatemeh found the strength to follow her dream of becoming an artist and even managed to use her feet to produce magnificent works of art. She simply uses her feet to create amazing portraits of her role models.

The remarkable abilities of this courageous 31-year-old Iranian artist demonstrate that having a disability should not prevent you from living your life to the fullest and following your aspirations. These are 10 of her most transforming painting that look so real.

Since she can only use one of her legs to create art, Fatemeh claims that her disability is the biggest obstacle to her. She appeared to be able to pursue her aspirations despite this, though. She had established herself as a major celebrity in Iran, and several Tehran galleries had displayed her artwork. The artist has written three novels as well.
Kudos to her

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